June 5


Burns and Disfigurement

By Mark Miller

June 5, 2020

Workers in some jobs are more prone to sustain burns and scars as a result of accidental injuries at work.  Working as a welder or cook, for example, frequently lead to burn injuries.  Working around machinery or with sharp objects, frequently lead to lacerations that require stitches.  Although very painful when these injuries occur, many times, they heal without leaving the worker much in the way of ongoing pain or permanent physical limitations.  Instead, an ugly scar is left behind.

When this occurs, the worker is entitled to, not only, medical treatment and money benefits for his lost time but, also, money benefits for disfigurement.  After the wound has been treated and given time to fully heal, the Commission will assess the extent of the scarring and award a certain number of weeks of compensation, up to 250 weeks.  The Commission is granted wide discretion in making this award considering factors such as the size and location of the scar, the extent to which it is raised or discolored as well as the overall aesthetic.     

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