May 3


Car Accidents

By Todd Schuler

May 3, 2021

There are a few things that you can do to help yourself and your lawyer if you are involved in a car crash.  

There are several photographs that you can take immediately following the collision that can later help your lawyer pursue a claim.    Take pictures of both vehicles to document the extent of the impact.  Take interior pictures if the vehicle if there is damage there.  Photograph the other driver’s license and license plate in case it becomes difficult to identify the defendant later.  Take pictures of the location.  In a “he said/she said” situation the position of the vehicles or any debris or tire tracks may make the difference.

Take the name and phone number of any witness willing to give it to you.  If you are near a store or a home, look for cameras or other signs that the incident may have been videotaped.  A lot of doorbells are now equipped with cameras.  

When you get home, take pictures of any bruising or cuts or scrapes that you might have.  Pictures of objective proof of injury will go a long way in settling your case.  If you are injured, seek medical attention right away.  Often, gaps in treatment are used as evidence that someone was not injured as they are later alleging.  

When selecting a lawyer, you want a lawyer who takes cases to court.  Cases settle throughout the process for many different reasons but beware of the lawyer who settles everything.  Often verdicts are better than settlement offers.  And often settlement offers improve significantly the deeper you get into litigation.