January 20


Defective Products

By Todd Schuler

January 20, 2022

Products marketed and sold to the public must not be unreasonably dangerous. Injuries caused by unsafe products are the subject of lawsuits and are compensated accordingly. Some products are inherently unsafe because of their design. Other products could be produced to be safer but aren’t because of non-safety concerns such are corporate profit. Some products are safe for some uses, but not for others and lack a proper warning about unsafe uses. Injuries are compensated when a ladder breaks, a propane tank explodes, or a toy presents a choking hazard.

See the following link about our battle with manufacturers that use clam shell packaging: https://blondellmiller.com/is-it-products-liability-or-packaging-liability/

Clam shell is the hard plastic packaging that is almost impossible to open. In addition to being annoying, it is also unreasonably dangerous. If you have been injured as the result of an unsafe product, call us.