May 3


Joint Injuries

By Mark Miller

May 3, 2021

Joint injuries are another one of the most common types of injury that we see.  Injuries to shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles can be devastating.  Consider the mechanic who frequently turns wrenches and injures his shoulder or a warehouse worker who is on her feet all day and injures her knee,  

There are several important things to remember if you have suffered a joint injury as a result of your work:

1.  Your claim for injury may be compensable even if the work injury aggravates a preexisting condition.   The law allows for this and protects workers who have had prior injuries or age-related wear and tear.

2.  All injured workers, including those with joint injuries, are entitled to medical treatment with a doctor of their choosing.  We are blessed to have many competent doctors in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.  We can you help you find a skilled physician to treat your condition.

3.  Joint injuries can worsen over time.  We often recommend leaving a workers’ compensation case involving a joint injury “open” because joint injuries can lead to arthritic changes and the need for ongoing medical treatment on a periodic basis.

If you suffer a joint injury while working, contact us at 410-687-7878 to schedule an appointment to meet with an experienced attorney.