November 7


Labor Union Carve Out

By Todd Schuler

November 7, 2022

Some members of various building and construction unions in Maryland participate in a separate workers’ compensation system. In 1999 some contractors and some construction unions collectively bargained for a separate system.

Not all union construction workers in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area participate in the labor union carve out. Most, in fact, participate in the regular Maryland system of workers’ compensation. A Claimant may not know that his or her claim falls under the carve out until he or she has filed a conventional workers compensation claim.

Nothing about the labor union carve out deprives these workers of their normal rights under workers compensation. The difference is in the process of how the claims are adjudicated not in the benefits that may be awarded to an injured worker.

The labor union carve out does not prevent injured workers from being represented by attorneys. Our attorneys are among the few in Maryland that are experienced in every aspect of the labor union carve out cases.