June 5


Overuse Injuries

By Mark Miller

June 5, 2020

Overuse injuries are a type of occupational disease.  In 2019, the highest court in Maryland affirmed a lower court ruling that a Baltimore County firefighter paramedic who developed degenerative meniscal tears in his knee as a result of his job duties suffered an occupational disease.   This ruling confirmed what our firm has known for many years:  Orthopedic injuries caused by wear and tear on the job can form the basis of a successful occupational disease claim. 

In the past, we have successfully pursued occupational disease claims for a scaffold builder who sustained degenerative rotator cuff tears in his shoulder as a result of performing overhead heavy work for years and deli meat slicers who develop carpal tunnel syndrome among many others.  Todd Schuler recently persuaded a jury on the Eastern Shore that a public safety officer who developed back issues from wearing a gun belt had suffered an occupational disease.

Each job has hazards that are specific to it.  If you develop a disease, ailment, or illness that you think may be a result of exposure to those on-the-job hazards, contact us at 410-687-7878 to schedule an appointment to meet with an experienced attorney.