May 3


Slip and Falls

By Mark Miller

May 3, 2021

Every day someone walks into a store, slips on a substance, falls to the ground, and is injured.  Some of these situations are grounds for a law suit and others are not. 

Building and store owners owe a duty to the public to keep their buildings and stores safe from unseen hazards that the owner or its employees created or knew about and had enough time to repair. If the injured individual knows about the hazard there is usually no recovery.

If the customer walking in front of you spills water and you slip and fall you likely don’t have a case.  The store owner neither created the hazard, nor knew about it.  

If it is raining profusely and there is visible water all over the floor and you slip and fall you likely don’t have a case. You knew about the hazard and walked across it anyway. 

It is embarrassing to slip and fall in a public place.  But when you so it important to be aware of your surroundings.  Locate the source of the substance on which you slipped.  Get the name of any eyewitnesses.  Look to see if there are cameras around.  Report the injury to the store manager.